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Ski-in/Ski-out at Hotel Sonnenburg

Our family hotel in Lech is located directly on the ski slopes next to the ski school. You will be out of our ski room and on the slope in under a minute.

from € 176 per night in a double room

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Blick von außen auf die Sonnenburg

During your holiday, treat yourself with countless feel-good moments! Sonnenburg massages

Our concierge will be happy to provide you with detailed information and organise your spa appointments for you! By the time you arrive at the Sonnenburg, your personal beauty and relaxation programme has already been arranged on your behalf!

Massages to feel good Our offer

Our therapist offers numerous massage treatments in our SonnenSpa. In our current massage menu you can find an overview of our Sonnenburg treatments. In the following you can learn more about the individual massages:

Classic massage

The original form of massage improves blood circulation and stimulated the metabolism. The massage has a stress-relieving and decelerating effect; it releases strain and tension.

25 minutes á 50,00 € | 50 minutes á 80,00 €

Sports massage

Our sports massage addresses the athlete’s particular needs. The targeted, firm massage pressure will noticeably ease muscle tension. The sports massage may be applied to the back, the arms and legs.

25 minutes á 55,00 €

Teen massage

To enjoy and relax the backs of our younger guests in the Sonnenburg. Using gentle techniques to release tensions.

25 minutes á 45,00 €


With special massage techniques, blockages along the cervical spine are released. An active countermeasure for migraine patients. But this massage is suitable for everyone.

25 minutes á 50,00 €

Foot Reflexology

The reflex points on the foot correspond to all organs and to the body’s vegetative nerve system. This massage has regulation effect on the respective bodily functions and increases the sense of well-being.

25 minutes á € 50,00 | 50 minutes á € 80,00

Aroma massage

The healing properties of essential oils have been proven for centuries. It is essentially the classic massage, but enhanced with the highest quality oils, making it into an extraordinary experience.

50 minutes á 85,00 €

Relaxing massage
Foot Reflexology
Hot stone / la stone massage
Hot stone / la stone massage

The hot stone massage is a combination of massage and an energy treatment with hot stones and aromatic oils. The entire organism is re-charged with new energy and vitality.

50 minutes á € 80,00

Lymph massage

Lymph stimulation passes a harmonizing and descongesting impuls from the skin to the entire organism and in this way strenghtens the immune system.

25 minutes á € 55,00

Herb stamp massage

We are using stamps filled with worm medicinal herbs to relax tensed muscles. The well scented warmth reassured the whole body. Your skin will be soft and smooth.

50 minutes á € 80,00

Connective tissue massage

Helps with postural and locomotor problems such as adhesions and scars, muscle tension, and shortening of connective tissue and muscles.

50 minutes á € 85,00

Antistress massage

With the help of sea salt and high-quality oil, dead skin cells and impurities are removed and reducing stress.

50 minutes á € 85,00

Honey massage

Natural honey is used to remove dead skin cells and accumulated lactic acid. This massage releases lasting tensions and regenerates the skin.

50 minutes á € 80,00

Vacuum massage

First the body is relaxed by manual massage and palpation. The painful areas are then treated using the cupping technique. Finally, the body is treated again with a manual massage.

50 minutes á € 90,00

Relaxing massage

A combination of foot reflex zone massage and head massage, which brings body, mind and soul into harmony and relaxes wonderfully.

50 minutes á € 90,00

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