Read and Let Read

A Literary Hotel for all ages

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A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.
The man who never reads lives only one.

George R.R. Martin

Reading is our joy, books are our life. As a literary hotel, we are firmly convinced that good holidays always include a good book. Therefore, we have come up with a number of ideas at the Sonnenburg Literary Salon – from readers for readers, so to speak: we offer author readings, literary events and destinations. In addition, we have created an extensive library that extends throughout the entire hotel. At the Sonnenburg you will find plenty of cosy places to read and browse.

Read and Let Read


“Reading is a great miracle,“ says Austrian writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. And we wholeheartedly agree with her: reading is our passion, books are our life. That is why we have dubbed the Sonnenburg a literary hotel. Amongst others, we host regular events at our Literary Salon – from readers for readers, so to speak.

Als Literaturhotel in Österreich liegen uns Literatur und Natur gleichermaßen am Herzen
Waltraud und Gregor Hoch in der Hotel-Bibliothek des Literaturhotel Sonnenburg in Oberlech am Arlberg

How the Sonnenburg became a literary hotel...


“We had been toying with this idea for quite a while,” explains Managing Director Waltraud Hoch. For the last 40 years, the Sonnenburg has already been THE hotel in Lech am Arlberg with a strong emphasis on art and culture. However, in the past the focus lay on fine arts. “We – my husband and I – want to share something with our guests that truly moves our hearts: literature,” Waltraud Hoch emphasizes. Thus, in 2016 the literary hotel Sonnenburg was born. And Gregor Hoch adds: “Primarily, we want our guests to relax. During their holidays, they can concentrate on things that they usually do not have the time for. It is our belief that stories are a great souvenir which you can take home with you. Our focus on literature is, thus, our answer to the question that you as a guest may ask: “Of all places, why should I choose to stay at Hotel Sonnenburg?”

Frau und Kind lesen ein Buch aus der Bücherkiste, die auf jedem Zimmer im Literatur- und Kulturhotel Sonnenburg zu finden ist
Lesen macht Spaß in einem unserer Literaturhotel Zimmer

The Sonnenburg Literary Salon: Events & Readings

“The world is a book. He who never travels sees only one page of it.” Augustine’s words from the 4th century are our daily mantra at Literary Hotel Sonnenburg: for us, travel and literature go hand in hand. This is what drives the Sonnenburg Literary Salon: by bringing holidaymakers and authors together, we create a space for literary exchange and inspiration. In an environment filled with books. What is more, we also organise readings and literary events on a regular basis. Together we make the world between two book covers come to life. By discussing and laughing and indulging in literary creations we create memories.

Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.

Albus Dumbledore

Sonnenburg Readings
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Authors at literary hotel Sonnenburg

We regularly host internationally renowned authors at the Sonnenburg. Notably writers who specialise in adventure, fiction, children’s and young adults’ books, crime thrillers, and travel literature. They either visit us to read from their works. Or they stay and become one of our so-called Writers in Residence while working on their literary creations. Find an overview of all authors who have visited our Literary Hotel. Also, writers who are interested in giving an author reading or becoming the next Sonnenburg Writer in Residence will find more information here.

Hotel Library

We started counting them. And got lost in the pages of book 1.001. Thus, there are at least 1,001 books spread out over the entire literary hotel. For children and adults, fans of fantasy or poetry. For swimmers even by the pool. And for everyone else, everywhere else. Grab (more than) one book. This is what we have them for.

Discover all the books in the Sonnenburg

Book box

Each room contains one of our so-called book boxes. In each of them you will find a choice of about ten books: they range from children’s books to non-fiction books and novels. As a result, this small room library contains the right book for every guest, grown-ups and children alike. Being a literary hotel, we attach particular importance to a good choice of reading material.

It contains approximately ten books that we carefully selected for our guests. It is a collection of our favourite books: from toddlers to teenagers, from mountain enthusiasts to readers who prefer novels – every guest will find an interesting read in our book box. By the way, local craftsmen have built these wooden boxes specifically for Hotel Sonnenburg. Every book box is a tiny library within each accommodation.

We want our guests to have a selection of books at their disposal at any time. However, it is impossible to travel with one book too little. This is why it is so important for a good hotel to have ample literature on hand. Thus, guests don’t have to pack seven, eight or nine books for a one-week holiday.

Waltraud Hoch

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Places to read

Quiet time to read a book is a treat. Therefore, we have designed places explicitly for reading literally all over the hotel. By the pool, for example, there are well-lit reading nooks. Moreover, you will find reading lamps and cosy furniture in quiet corners throughout our entire literary hotel. This way, you can enjoy a blissful read during your holidays.

Every book has something to say to you. Each one has a message for you. Each one has to give you energy. None is there for its own sake. Each one is written for your sake: To show you a path – the path to yourself.

Carl Christian Bry

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Literature and nature all around literary hotel Sonnenburg

Even in the Lech mountains that surround Literaturhotel Sonnenburg there are plenty of literary attractions and activities. For example, you can hike the Grüner Ring, a literary hiking tour divided in three sections. This literature and art project unites literature, nature, and the legendary heritage of the Arlberg area. One of the 35 stops of the Grüner Ring is, for example, a library within a mountain hut: here hikers can make themselves comfortable with a book and embark on exciting literary adventures while enjoying the Austrian mountain sun.