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For walkers, mountaineers and peak climbers, the Arlberg fulfils all hiking wishes: from idyllic alpine hikes to theme trails such as the certified “Lechweg” or “Der Grüne Ring”, which point to the trail of legends and stories, to summit tours on the Mohnenfluh, Rüfikopf or the Karhorn via ferrata.

If you would like to go hiking with your children, easy, eventful tours await you. However, if your children don’t want to be separated from our childcare and new friends, you can start a challenging summit hike with a clear conscience. There are plenty of hiking routes to choose from and we would be happy to organize you a hiking guide.

Hiking region Lech

A highlight of hiking is, of course, the shared snack. Here, too, you have all kinds of options: a hiking snack or a picnic basket from the hotel, a break at one of the open huts in and around Lech, a barbecue snack at one of the barbecue areas or simply a cosy lunch on our sun terrace!


On the way with the cable cars and hiking buses

If you you do not want to walk back to Hotel Sonnenburg, use the summer cable cars. The local bus and the hiking bus will also bring you back quickly. With the Lech Card, which you can get at the reception upon your arrival, the means of transport are free for you.

Breathe the fresh mountain air and regain your strength while hiking in the Arlberg region. Satisfied and happy you will experience a deep sleep in your comfortable bed in the Sonnenburg, thanks to the refreshing and vitalizing alpine air. Another adventure awaits you and your family the next day.

What the Sonnenburg offers for hikers

  • Snacks for hikers
  • Guided hikes with our hiking guide
  • Start and end of tours are directly at the Sonnenburg
  • Gondola and lifts in the immediate vicinity
  • Laundry service for hiking clothes
  • Suggestions for tours

A walk in nature walks the soul back home.

Mary Davis

Three themed hiking trails in Lech

Hiking tips from the Sonnenburg

Your hiking experience begins with the first step you take outside the hotel door. Around 350 kilometres of well-signposted hiking trails – from easy to challenging – open up the fascinating mountain world in and around Oberlech to you.

Strengthen yourself with the vitalising breakfast at the hotel Sonnenburg, pack your rucksack and put on your hiking boots. You’re ready to go.

Start directly at the Sonnenburg. Passing the Petersboden station on the left, a path leads up the mountain. After a few meters you will find the wooden signpost on the left-hand side, which directs you to the Libellensee. 50 years ago there was the open-air swimming pool in a forest lake. The children of Oberlech created her a area for discovery and exploration.

Through the forest you follow the path that soon branches off and becomes the forest nature trail. Find out interesting facts about the alpine flora! Mysterious sculptures line the path, blueberry bushes, full of ripe fruit in autumn, accompany the path, which leads over a small brook to the 10-minute hike to the dragonfly lake. On the way back, you will pass a huge tree house (entry is welcome!). After only 30 minutes you will be enriched by wonderful impressions and already back at the hotel.

From the Sonnenburg to the source of the river Lech

  • the source of the river Lech is not a fixed point. It is a whole area.
  • duration of the hike: around 3h
  • level of difficulty: slightly advanced
  • well manageable with children

Start the hiking trail at Sonnenburg in the direction of Lech. After the short path through the forest, branch off in the direction of the Rudalpe, then follow the “Grüner Rätsel Ring” for a short time and soon you will reach the Lech forest swimming pool. Pass the fish pond of Zug, which supplies many Lech hotels with local fish specialities, you follow the river Lech further and further towards the source area.

At the “Älpele” you stop for a short refreshment, before setting off on the last part of the trail. Now it becomes a little bit steeper, but the path is still wide and comfortable to walk with prams and sports shoes.

The source of the river Lech is not a fixed point, it is a source area. Depending on your equipment you stay on the road or follow the Lech riverbank path, which runs directly along the river. Stairs and narrow paths nestle between river and terrain.

You decide how far you want to go now. The bus service into the valley of Zug in the direction of the Lake of Spuller or the Lake of Formarin allows you to end or extend the hike at any time, depending on your physical condition. You can easily return to the centre of Lech, where the Oberlech cable car will take you back to the Sonnenburg.

Hiking tour on to the Mohnenfluh

  • Recommended equipment: good hiking boots, many layers of outdoor clothing, headwear, water bottle and snack
  • Duration of the hike: about 4h
  • For children from 10 years with experiance and physical fitness


The feeling of having conquered the first summit remains in your memories forever. The entry in the summit book, the snack that has never tasted so good, the moment of surmounting the obstacle when you break into a sweat.
Invaluable and unforgettable!

Waltraud Hoch

After breakfast you can start with the Petersboden lift directly in front of the Sonnenburg. Once you arrive at Petersboden, follow the well-signposted path towards Kriegeralpe, where you will arrive after about 15 minutes.

The path up to the Mohnenfluh is well signposted and is now also getting steeper. You walk for a long time on a wide gravel road, left and right you will meet marmots. The alpine flora is varied on the barren ground and if you take the time to admire it, you won’t get out of breath so quickly.  The ascent to the top station will take about one hour. Then leave the gravel path and turn right towards Mohnenfluh.

If you are travelling with children, now is the right time to discuss a few rules on the mountain again: Concentration, consideration for others, quiet. Because if you are quiet now, you might be rewarded with the sight of a herd of chamois or even ibex.

Now the underground changes completely. It becomes high alpine. Loose stones, narrow paths, steep slopes. Climbs uphill in a concentrated manner for about 40 minutes and finally you will be rewarded.

The view extends over the Bregenzerwald to Lake Constance, mountains present themselves in all directions and invite you to the next summit tour. Now sign the summit book, enjoy the view and have a snack. And arrive home proud and tired. Also for the way back, there should be some concentration left, because going downhill requires also discipline.

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