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For many, a successful active holiday in the mountains includes not only hiking but also biking.

The area around the hotel Sonnenburg is so multi-faceted that it also offers countless opportunities for both mountain biking and pleasure biking in the Arlberg region. From the action-packed freeride route to the e-bike tour, everything is possible here! Your active holiday in the mountains can thus begin.

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.

Ernest Hemingway

Downhillers and mountain bikers will find challenging, steep routes here, so that the bliss at the summit or the adrenaline rush in the valley will be all the more stunning.

Pleasure riders opt for flatter routes and bike tours and thus discover all the more of the magnificent nature in the Arlberg region. E-bikes are especially in the mountains very popular. The motor makes the ascent easier. The e-bike not only makes the effort of the ascent easier, but also ensures a higher speed on flat terrain.

This variety makes it possible for the whole family to jump on the bike together in the summer holiday in the mountains and collect experiences.

Whether the sporty aspect of biking is in the focus or the experience of nature in the mountains should determine the holiday – the huts everywhere in and around Lech invite you to take a well-deserved break and rest. Thus, an active holiday on the Arlberg can easily be enriched with culinary delicacies from Lech.

This is what the Sonnenburg offers for bikers

  • Lockable bike basement
  • Bike rental (also e-bikes)
  • Bike wash area in front of the bike basement
  • Biker snack
  • Charging facilities for e-bikes
  • Entrance to the Burgwald Biketrail directly in front of the door
  • Washing service for bike clothing
  • Small bike repair kit in the bike cellar
  • Organisation of repairs or spare parts
  • Organisation of guides
  • Tour tips so that together we can find the right tour for you

Mountain bike tips from hotel Sonnenburg

Strengthen yourself with the rich breakfast at the Hotel Sonnenburg, pack your rucksack and put on your cycling helmet – you’re ready to go.

Burgwald Trail - for adrenaline enthusiasts

The Burgwald Trail in Lech is the first official freeride and enduro trail in Vorarlberg. The Petersboden cable car right next to the Sonnenburg takes you directly to the trail entrance. The trail offers fun freeriding for beginners as well as for ambitious mountain bikers.

The various levels of difficulty on the course are suitable for every level of rider:

  • Blue = Easy
  • Red = Hard
  • Black = Extreme

Bikers with limited trail experience can have fun on the continuous Easy Line, while more advanced bikers can choose from a variety of sections with different requirements and levels of difficulty. The Easy-Line is also suitable for children, so the whole family can go on an adrenaline hunt together.

In addition to berms and wooden curves, north-shore elements, drops and technical challenges make the course more selective and challenge you. Our highlights are:

  • the 50-metre Anaconda North Shore Element
  • the Skinny Boardwalk
  • the Patrese jump with the subsequent double road gap

The trail begins at the mountain station of the Petersboden cable car and extends down into the valley of Lech. This gives you the opportunity to enter the trail directly from the Oberlech cable car, i.e. directly from the Sonnenburg. A short passage on the forest road towards the valley leads to the entrance.

  • Easy line for beginners with turn-offs for advanced cyclists.
  • Difference in altitude: 480 m
  • Length: approx. 3,200 m
  • Duration of one descent: approx. 30 minutes
  • Surface: forest floor, gravel, North Shore elements, bends

From the Sonnenburg to the reservoir through the Zugertobel to Lake Spuller

  • Difference in altitude: 1071 m
  • Distance: approx. 31 kilometres
  • Duration: approx. 5 hours
  • Surface: asphalted road, forest floor, gravel

Here we have chosen a route for you that is challenging but very varied and even rewards you with plenty of breathtaking views over the mountain peaks and valleys. This tour is especially recommended for those who like to explore mountain lakes.

Start at Sonnenburg and follow the access road to Oberlech to the bus stop “Abzweigung Burgplateau” and follow the road further up the mountain. At the “Schlössle” bus stop, turn right and continue uphill to the “Tannegg” viewpoint. From here, follow the gravelled alpine path uphill to the left past the “Grubenalpe”. It is permanently uphill until you have made it to the “Kriegeralpe”. Then it is a short uphill stretch until you reach the reservoir and the stone wall. A good time for a break to enjoy the view and learn something about Lech: in the stone wall or Chluppa, all the inhabitants of Lech were immortalised in 2010 with a stone engraved with their names and year of birth.

After the break, follow the forest road downhill towards Zugertobel. From there, continue until you reach an asphalt toll road.
Follow the asphalt road past the “Älpele” and the forest camp until you reach the fork in the road. Here, turn left uphill past the “Dalaaser Staffel” to the dam wall of the lake Spuller. On a gravel road you circle the breathtaking mountain lake over the south-facing dam wall, from here the trail climbs towards the Ravensburger Hut. After the Ravensburger Hut, cross the stream to the left over a stone bridge at the “Alpe Braz” and continue uphill to the “Stierlochjoch” (2,009 m). From here the trail descends on rough gravel through serpentines to the “Stierlochalpe”. Follow the alpine path downhill towards Zug. You meet an asphalt road at the fish pond. Here you pedal uphill again briefly and turn right into the main road. From here you go through the centre of Zug on the same path back to Lech. In Lech, you can either conquer the last stretch to Oberlech by bike or take the comfortable gondola to Sonnenburg.

Kriegerhorn Round
- for all summit strikers

The “Kriegerhorn” round is only for fit bikers and takes you up to the summit of the “Kriegerhorn”. Enjoy the nature, the view and the silence at the summit cross.

  • Difference in altitude: 834 m
  • Distance: approx. 16 kilometres
  • Duration: approx. 3.5 hours
  • Surface: asphalt road, forest floor, gravel

Start at Sonnenburg and follow the access road to Oberlech to the bus stop “Abzweigung Burgplateau” and continue uphill on the asphalt road towards “Schlössle”. At the “Schlössle” bus stop, turn right and continue uphill to the “Tannegg” viewpoint. If you wish, you can already take your first break here; a barbecue area is ready for you.  Follow the gravelled alpine path uphill to the left past the “Grubenalpe”. The trail continues steadily uphill to the “Kriegeralpe” and on to the reservoir and the stone wall in which all the locals of Lech were immortalised in 2010.

The last few metres to the summit will really challenge you again! Follow the goods path on the left up to the mountain station of the “Kriegerhorn” cable car and the summit cross of the “Kriegerhorn” (2,173 m). You have reached the summit and should definitely enjoy it! Afterwards, follow the goods path downhill again, first over mountain meadows and later through the Zuger Tobel until you meet the asphalt toll road. Here you turn left into the centre of Zug and continue to Lech. Once you arrive in Lech, it is up to your motivation whether you conquer the last stretch to Oberlech by bike or whether you take the comfortable gondola to Sonnenburg.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure
of a bike ride.

John F. Kennedy

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