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Hotel Sonnenburg - Restaurant and Bar Team

It was 1938 when Otto Hoch began to make history. He bought a mountain hut with 35 beds, thus laying the foundation for today’s 4-star superior hotel. Although Oberlech was an insignificant small village, Otto Hoch recognised its wonderful charm, the unique mountain landscape and Oberlech’s potential as a magnificent ski region.

A lot has happened since then. The Arlberg region grew to become the cradle of Alpine skiing. Oberlech is Europe’s best ski region. It offers 370 kilometres of slopes, 97 lifts and a grandiose infrastructure, for unforgettable hours on skis. It’s not just the ski region that has grown, however: the Sonnenburg is one of the largest hotels in the Lech-Zürs area. It boasts 70 rooms and is one of the most family-friendly hotels in the Arlberg region. You can start to ski directly on our doorstep. For conference guests, we offer a professional setting that allows you to climb mountains of knowledge.

What happened so far…

Your hosts at the Hotel Sonnenburg – holidaying in the Arlberg region with the Hoch family

In December 2004, Gregor Hoch took over the management of the Sonnenburg from his parents. In 2005 his wife Waltraud joined him. Plenty has happened in these years: with the construction of a large new conference centre, the 4-star superior hotel in the Arlberg region now has a contemporary infrastructure for professional events, seminars and conferences. The event area is also a charming and very flexible setting for weddings. New features include a hotel bar, a smoking lounge, a well stocked library and a children’s play area – a true paradise for all our little guests.


Years of friendship

Those who have already experienced unforgettable moments at the Sonnenburg as children like to return to Oberlech with their own children. Over the years, we have made close friendships and relationships that we care about very much. Our guests know that they are well looked after here and want their children to experience this tradition too. You can feel the warmth and hospitality at Hotel Sonnenburg every single day. For us, the most importance thing is that you have the best possible holiday. We don’t simply offer you the most expensive rooms and suites, but rather those that are most suited for you and your family.

The 1930s

Otto Hoch, a native of South Tyrol, attended the commercial academy in Innsbruck while also working as a night porter at the Grauer Bär hotel. He recognised that you can make good money in this industry, and the pleasure you get from being a good host.
A few years later, he and his wife Hilde ran a little guesthouse in Kitzbühel called Montana. This is where Gertraud, and then Klaus and finally Heidi Hoch were born.
Otto was now in search of more and found out that the Arlberg region is developing, because “some crazy people in Zürs built some sort of rope lift”. He could not afford to buy land in Warth because they had already built a road there. And so he chose the still undeveloped village of Oberlech. In 1938 he purchased the “Sonnenburg” mountain hut from Christian Zimmerman – which at the time had 35 beds.

The 40s and 50s

Otto Hoch became the founding member of the ski lift operators of Lech and Oberlech and of the tourist office, today’s “Lech-Zürs Tourismus”. His entrepreneurial spirit certainly played a role in the development of tourism in the Arlberg region. During the war and afterwards, the Sonnenburg was used as a convalescent home, for example by the French Navy.
Otto Hoch, the pioneer of the Arlberg region, died unexpectedly in March 1958. 20-year-old Klaus Hoch and his mother Hilde took over the management of the Sonnenburg, which at the time already had 71 beds. Despite her difficult situation as a widow with 3 children, she managed to make the early years after the war profitable for the Sonnenburg. At that time, the Sonnenburg already had 10 bathrooms, which was considered a huge luxury at 1700 metres altitude.

The 1960s

There had already been a cable car to Oberlech for many years. The Sonnenburg developed from a mountain hut into a hotel. In 1963, Klaus, a tennis enthusiast, met the young artist Heide Irmen Kiessling, who was on summer holiday in Lech with her family. At that time, Daisy was studying art in Zurich and Munich. In 1965 Daisy and Klaus got married in Innsbruck. They continued to invest in the hotel and built a bathroom for each room. This attracted international guests.
The MONTANA guesthouse was built in 1965 right next to the Sonnenburg by Klaus’ older sister Gertraud and her husband Guy Ortlieb. In 1967 their first daughter Isabell Desiree was born. One of the first pools in Lech and the very first pool in Oberlech were built at the Sonnenburg.

The 1970s

Daisy Hoch organised the first exhibition in what was for many years Austria’s highest gallery. Art and culture found their way to Oberlech – and Lech as a whole.
Gregor Felix Otto Hoch was born in 1977. Hilde Hoch died shortly after the birth of Gregor.

The 1980s

Daisy and Klaus Hoch together with the Ortlieb family purchased the “HOHE WELT” hotel in Oberlech, and the Landhaus****S Sonnenburg was built with 20 more guest rooms.
Tourism in Lech became increasingly upmarket. Celebrities from industry, the media and the aristocracy enjoyed the magnificent slopes and the first-class hotels and restaurants. Daisy and Klaus built the SCHÜNA, the first crêperie in the Vorarlberg region and the Sonnenburg now had an à la carte restaurant.
The annual exhibitions and private viewings organised by Daisy Hoch in the Sonnenburg attracted international artists. Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Ernst Fuchs, Paul Prachensky, Arik Brauer, Viktor Vasarelly and many other renowned artists exhibited their works here.
The entrepreneur and pioneer Klaus extended the Sonnenburg. A huge building project in the summer of 1983 increased the capacity and quality of the rooms. The passionate mountaineer and extreme climber Klaus regularly entrusted the Sonnenburg to his hard-working wife Daisy to take part in expeditions around the world. Daisy left her mark with her sense of style, her creativity and her passion as a hostess. The ski tours that Klaus went on with his guests were as fondly remembered as the warm and philosophical conversations with Daisy.
In 1987 Felicitas Hoch was born.

The 1990s

Isabell attended the Ecôle Hotelière in Lausanne and then studied communication sciences and art history in Salzburg. Klaus and Daisy bought the ALBONA hotel in Zürs and gave it to their daughter Isabell. In the first few years, Klaus and Daisy actively supported Isabell, who was 25 years old at the time. Soon Isabell began to manage the hotel on her own and turned it into the only 4-star superior hotel in Zürs.
Gregor studied international business administration in Vienna and gained practical hotel experience in Hong Kong, Seefeld und Bregenz. From 2001 until 2004 he worked at the Hotel and Tourism Bank in Vienna.

The 2000s

In the year 2004, Klaus and Daisy handed over the management of the Sonnenburg to their son Gregor.
In 2005, Gregor and Waltraud were married, and soon their children Laurin (2005), Constantin (2008) and Rosa (2009) were born. The handover, which was planned and well prepared for a long time, enabled the hotel to be developed further. The focus on families and conference guests provided a clear investment strategy. The hotel’s own kindergarten, youth room and cinema were built. The kindergarten and the conference area, which was opened in 2009 and accommodates some 200 conference guests, was very popular and so the Sonnenburg was opened in the summer.

Klaus und Daisy Hoch
Waltraud Hoch
Gregor und Waltraud Hoch
Gregor Hoch
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